Best BBQ Sauce - Top Five List

by Scott Miller

Tennessee Whiskey Sauce

Among the best competitions in the world for Bar-b-que Sauce is the Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational. At most contests mouth watering sauce is a key component. But this competition dictates which Jack Daniel's Whiskey is included with the recipe. This type of sauce has become popular which is why we include it as one of the top five recipes.

Birmingham, AL White Sauce

This kind of Sauce is suited for chicken and was created by Large Bob Gibson's BBQ in Birmingham, AL. Its ingredients include mayo, white wine vinegar, and some other secret stuff. It's a popular sauce that has created a following among BBQ fanatics. Many say it doesn't go well on pork but can taste well on chicken, but you'll have to be the judge.

Tx Mop Sauce

Texas will be known for its meat brisket which is a really difficult involving meat from the chest which, if cooked right, might be tender with several hours associated with slow cooking from low temperature. The older Texas tested recipes were not sweet. They have come considerable ways, comparable to Kansas City recipes, and so are a lot sweeter. Some grill pros utilize it to finish meat and a few use it to tenderize the meats. In Tx Mop Sauce you will discover lot's of onion, cumin, spice up, soup powder, and others.

Kansas City Sweet Sauce

This marinade is usually a red, tomato based sauce with brown sugar and molasses evened out with some vinegar. This is the most copied sauce in America because it tastes so good. This type of gravy isn't great for getting into the actual meat as it sits on the top. They can be good for creating a great top coat on the meat. This sauce will burn from high temperatures so it's great for applying later in the cooking process.

South Carolina Mustard Sauce

Within South Carolina, BBQ is focused on Pig. Hog roasts are very popular in the Carolina because those love to cook the whole animal, not just cuts of meats. As the title suggests, this type of sauce has a mustard base. If you have ever tried mustard on Pork you probably know how good it tastes. This type of sauce usually consists of vinegar, sugar, spices, and yellow-colored mustard. Yum yum!

This is our 5 best Best BBQ Sauce checklist.

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