Braised Artichokes Recipe And Its Health Benefits

by Cheri Knowles

If you want to come up with a dinner recipe immediately, you should collect a lot of recipes that can come in handy. Think of alternative dishes like braised artichokes recipe. It is a healthier choice than eating the usual steak and pork meals. Serve something unique and healthy for a change for your family.

There are several health benefits to eating this kind of dish. Artichokes have a lot of anti oxidant properties in its quercetin, anthocyanins, and silymarin among others. It ranks seventh in all kinds of food groups that contain anti oxidants. It is also the best anti oxidant among vegetables.

Eating the leaves of this vegetable often can help prevent or stop the spread of cancer. The extracts of artichoke leaves have been find to produce apoptosis in cancer cells. Apoptosis happens when cancer cells die but leave healthy cells untouched. It reduces cancer cell proliferation in leukemia, breast and prostate cancer.

This kind of food is also renowned to promote faster bile flow. The cynarin or polyphenol anti oxidant are anti oxidants that also induce the flow of bile. These elements can also make your liver healthier. It can make unhealthy liver cells regenerate or repair themselves.

This kind of vegetable can also promote better digestion. It will make the gallbladder and digestive system function more efficiently. These vegetables also contain more fiber than other vegetables. A medium artichoke will have more fiber than 1 cup of prunes. This can help people who are always constipated.

Some people even swear that they make great hangover treatment. These are just some of the benefits of dining on this vegetable. Look for an easy to prepare Braised Artichokes recipe online that you can cook and then serve to your family.

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