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by Greg Cohen

If you are looking for something which will bring the joy back in cooking, then buy Modernist Cuisine, the beautifully-designed cookbook that may just get you happy about cooking all over again. Containing over 1,500 recipes, it also explains how food is cooked from a systematic perspective using striking graphics.

The better part is that due to its soil-resistant pages, the 40-pound 6-volume set enables you to cook around it without thinking about destroying the books. Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is hailed as probably the most vital cookbook of the 21st century and is a must-have for the professional cook and the newbie cook.

Modernist Cuisine Review - What Readers Say

Many purchasers who acquired Modernist Cuisine like it due to its fantastic graphics and easy-to-understand clarifications of scientific concepts relating to food. Most appear to be in agreement that it's a great coffee table book for the casual cook. They also say it is convenient companion in the kitchen for people that want to experiment with modern cooking systems. One reader comments that he was lost for days, reading the 6-volume set, seeing as there had been literally so much info to devour.

While it is not a replacement for cooking school, it will whet the appetite of someone who is pondering a vocation in cooking. In fact , many say that entire generations of chefs will point to that book in the future and will say that, that was what provoked them to get into the profession.

Modernist Cuisine for Sale - Where to Buy It

The book ships at $625 in traditional bookstores. You'll find the best deal on the Modernist Cuisine: The Science and Art of Cooking at Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Now, book is priced at $418.81 and $450.01 respectively. For those that can't afford it now, buy Modernist Cuisine from these sites during major holiday as they may chop the price down far more.

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