Give your Mornings an Extra Special Boost with Amazing Pancakes

by Kathy Straw

Chocolate Heaven Pancake Recipe

Not a thing is more delicious than tasting the abundant, barely bitter taste of chocolate, right? Well, chocolate is most likely one of the good things in living that we can really savor and a lot of individuals are obsessed with chocolates, that makes them chocoholics. For those chocoholics out there, I suppose you'd truly enjoy this pancake recipe, no other than this chocolate heaven pancake recipe. There is not just a single coating of chocolate in these types of pancakes, their topping is chocolate also! Wow, envision pancakes formed from chocolates in the morning with one more chocolate layer as its topping. This is definitely not just your ordinary pancake. Check out recipe now.


1 cup all goal flour, 1 big egg, 1/3 cup cocoa powder, 1 cup milk, two tablespoon butter or margarine (melted), teaspoon baking soda, cup white sugar, teaspoon salt, Vegetable oil, Nutella or Hershey's chocolate syrup for topping, Fresh strawberries for topping (halved),


Set up two medium-sized mixing bowls. In the first container, whisk in the egg, butter/margarine, and milk until these 3 ingredients are well-combined.

Merge the cocoa, flour, baking soda, white sugar, and salt together in the other bowl. Have a little toss. Slowly blend in the liquid concoction onto the dry mixture, mixing as you combine. Blend the ingredients sufficiently to moisten, although it's acceptable for the mixture to have a few lumps.

Put a frying pan over medium-low heat on your stove, add with vegetable oil or butter. Once the skillet is hot enough, carefully pour cupfuls of the pancake mixture in the griddle. Be sure to give every single pancake with adequate space so as to cook nicely. Flip over pancakes as soon as the edges are brownish and cook the opposite side. Do that to the remainder of the batter.

Just before serving, sprinkle the top of the pancakes with Hershey's chocolate syrup or add some Nutella for a more chocolate goodness. Then top with some newly-picked strawberries.

Serve warm and enjoy your morning!

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