Depot reataurant

You are sitting in Yakima's Birthplace! When Northern Pacific Railroad decided to create depot here in 1884, Yakima City (now Union Gap) used teams of horses to slowly pull and roll the entire town to this location. Many of the commercial enterprises stayed open for business during the slow move to what is now called Yakima. In 1910 the current Yakima Depot was completed in order to accommodate the valley's business growth.

Over the years, The Yakima Depot served as the valley's hub for passenger and freight service under the ownership of various railroads. Passenger service ceased in 1971 and the Depot went through periods of decay and renovation and is now owned by Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad. in 2002, Karl and Kristie Pasten decided to develop a railroad themed restaurant in the Yakima Depot and leased the South end of the Deport from BNSF. After four months, with the help of friends, they developed the original domed passenger waiting lounge and baggage handling areas into one of the most unique restaurants in the Northwest.

In the Cobblestone Room you will see a 1916 Nickelodeon which plays piano, mandolin and xylophone music from original paper rolls. This early American automated three piece band was offered by Karl's Lithuanian emigrant father as the only source of entertainment in he pre-prohibition coal miner's tavern, located in Scranton, PA. This rare piece of musical memorabilia now plays for The Depot's customers, on request.

The Depot Restaurant has been a work in progress over the last  years and now is featured as one of Yakima's premier eating establishments. Hand cut steaks, a cook to order philosophy and home cooked items throughout the menu enhances the dining experience. The wine list features award winning Washington wines, including new releases and local favorites. Passing trains regularly rattle the windows and the unique ambiance of the beautiful ceiling dome has a calming effect as you enjoy our finest food and beverage offerings.

We hope you will have a pleasant and memorable experience as a guest in our restaurant. So, from our family to you and yours - All Aboard and Bon Appetite!

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