Indulge Yourself With A Purple Yam Jam

by Annika Reyes

In the Philippines you'll find a purple goody in a jar that could have you returning for more. People from the Philippines refer to it as ube jam, "ube" as the Filipino term for purple yam. This actually makes the jarred delicacy purple yam jam, which seems much more a beginner reggae group rather than a comestible.

Having said that, "jam" might be a bit of a contradiction. If you audibly hear jam, you immediately think of fruit and sugar. Yam is basically never ever a fruit, but a tuber instead. Additionally, ube jam is produced with milk, that will get some individuals quarrel that it's really more like pudding. Gastronomic terminology correctness aside, ube jam creates a sumptuous delicacy and is a preferred dessert of many people.

Two places are known for making ube jam as their specialty. In the northern portion of the archipelago, Baguio really enjoys recognition as home of the legendary Mountain Maid Ube Jam prepared inside the wall surfaces belonging to the Good Shepherd Convent.

A combination of mountain charisma, thinking about cooking nuns, as well as the idea that there's always an annoying lengthy line at the Good Shepherd shop or that whenever battling with the line, you're solely permitted to order 2 containers, has made Mountain Maid Ube Jam exceptionally coveted and remarkably in demand.

Then the other area often known as truly being ube jam territory is the southern area of Bohol. People say that most purple yam from Bohol is a lot more great smelling and much more significantly purple. Domestic clans have long modified their ube jam recipes and to give you the chance to taste homemade ube jam from a Boholano is perhaps a special treat.

At the end of your day, whether or not you go for the northern part or its southern equivalent, your encounter with ube jam at some point have you desiring to get more.

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