No Nonsense Vegetarian Cooking

by Owen Jones

A lot of people think that they simply would not have the time to be vegetarians. This is because if you cut the meat out of a regular diet, you will become malnourished. You need to replace the nutrients and vitamins available in meat with the same or equivalent nutrients and vitamins in other foodstuffs like lentils, beans, pulses, nuts and legumes.

This means that vegetarians need to plan their meals more precisely that meat-eaters, but it does not have to be an obsession. There are fairly simple methods of getting all your mind and body requires.

It is almost certainly true to say that it is more difficult to plan meals properly while you first become a vegetarian, but you will soon get the hang of preparing meals that are nutritious and healthy. However, that gets harder and harder, the more foodstuffs that you leave out from your diet.

Some vegetarians will eat fish but some will not; some vegetarians will eat eggs and dairy products, and others will not. The more dedicated the vegetarian the more a problem it is to replenish the vitamins that you are lacking by not eating meat.

One manner of looking at how much of a problem it is to become a vegetarian is by remembering that meat needs to be cooked but fruit and vegetables do not (or not all of them anyway).

Sandwiches are also a very quick vegetarian snack and you should take full advantage of all the different types of bread on the market to vary the flavours and the benefits from the ingredients.

Each cook should understand how to create a casserole and this is also the case for vegetarian cooks. Perhaps the best manner of making a casserole is in a crock pot, so if you have not got one yet, get one as soon as possible. After using your crock pot for a week, you will be wondering how you ever made the time to live without one before.

You can prepare important vegetarian casseroles for your family when you are at work or doing something else and there are thousands of vegetarian crock pot recipes without having to resort to using a meat recipe and merely leaving out the meat.

The attraction of a crock pot is that you can prepare all kinds of food in it, not just casseroles. You can create puddings, breads and cakes, but that can be the topic of future articles. The other godsend to the busy cook is the microwave. You can microwave potatoes and other vegetables in minutes instead of roasting them for hours with the meat.

So next time you or someone else says that you do not have time to become a vegetarian, bear in mind that technology has moved on from the Seventies and it is a lot easier nowadays. There is a lot more known about vegetarianism now and that knowledge is much more broadly available - particularly over the Web and there are also better cooking devices like programmable crock pots and microwaves.

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