Rotisserie Parties - How To Plan A Successful One

by Nora Seabolt

Traditionally, a rotisserie was used mainly because a lot of people needed to be fed simultaneously.A large roasting spit which could cook a large animal at one go was the perfect solution.While the rotisserie might have been created out of necessity, it is now one of the best ways to bring people together.As a matter of fact, weather permitting, nothing can beat a rotisserie party with friends, family members and neighbors.

However, if you want your rotiseerie party to be successful, you will need to make sure that you plan it carefully.When it comes to planning the party, you would have to look into every aspect possible including choosing the right outdoor cooking equipment and finding out how long to cook the meat.Here is a small guide designed to help you plan your rotisserie party.

Before you do anything else, you should make a list of the people who you want to invite and find out how many people are going to be there.This would tell you how much meat you will need to serve, and to arrange all the accompaniments required for marinating and garnishing it.Setting aside half a pound of meat for each individual should be fine.You will need a wide variety of things to go with the meat such as the basting liquid, all the various spices and the stuffing that you plan to use in your meat.

You would also have to choose the type of meat you will be roasting on the spit.The number of people who will be there would also play a major role in which type of meat you decide to roast.You can use a chicken, beef or even a small turkey for a small or medium scale party, while a large party would warrant the use of a lamb, a suckling pig or even a large turkey.

If you know how much meat you will need, then you would also be able to figure out the size that you should look for when considering various options for a roasting spit hire.Ask questions, talk to sales representatives and even conduct some research before deciding on the right size because a wrong decision can turn out to be quite embarrassing.In addition to the size of the roasting spit hired, you should also evaluate various other aspects such as refund and return policies and delivery and pickup protocols.

You should also calculate the amount of time the meat will take to be roasted on the spit roast hired as this would allow you to host the party without inconveniencing anyone.For example, if the meat would need to be roasted for two hours then you can start whetting your guests' appetites two hours in advance.

It is also a fun idea to make a rotisserie party into a potluck party by asking people to bring a dish each to contribute.This would not only lessen the pressure on you in terms of the quantity of meat required, but would also add variety to the meal at the party.

Finally, you should look to make sure that you have enough fuel such as wood or coal to last you the entire cooking period.

Extra fuel can be even more useful if you live in a cool region where it can be used to keep the people warm late into the evening.

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