The Purpose Behind A Crystal Wine Decanter

by Kerri Turner

If vino is your drink of choice the best thing you can do is invest in a crystal wine decanter. Many people have the erroneous idea that these holders are for nothing more than a great way to display your wine. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Chemical changes actually take place when the wine is slowly poured into a fresh container known as a decanter. The grape from which the vino has been made undergoes a separation of the sediment from the wine. It creates a drink that contains no bitterness that can come from the sediment.

Add to that the oxygenation that takes place and you have a drink that is nothing less than the pure grape from which it came. The palate is kissed with an ambrosia that makes tasting the wine a pleasure. All you get is a drink that has been allowed to breathe to perfection.

When shopping for a decanter, the best ones are made of clear lead crystal. The heavier crystal makes for easier cleaning when salt and ice is swirled within to remove all residual matter from the last use. If a more delicate glass is preferred, that is fine, but cleaning will be a bit more time consuming. Besides the aesthetic look of clear glass, a connoisseur will be able to see the clarity of the product that was purchased.

There is no difference in the kind of decanter used. Some are artfully created by craftsman to provide the user with a holder that is beautiful to look at. Colored glass is to be avoided because this type does not allow for the brilliance of the bubbly to show through. A connoisseur will want to give the young grape time to open and be prepared to serve the older grape immediately.

Price plays but a small role in the decision of what to buy. The experience with decanted wine occurs despite the price that one pays for the holder. The most important action is to pour the bubbly slowly from the bottle allowing a bit to remain in the original bottle. This works to assure that any settled sediment in the bottom of the bottle will stay there and not disrupt the taste of the wine.

Two new styles have been added to the ones we are used to. The doughnut style is said to be the latest rage to hit the European market. People there will claim it does the best job at oxidation for the vino. Others say the same thing about the duck based decanter, so it seems they are just a matter of choice. The person who loves this spirited drink will be content with either style.

Still, your choice of a crystal wine decanter should be made with careful thought. Some are produced more for looks than anything else and do not perform the job they are meant to do. If your drink is preferred at the peak of flavor, it must be properly decanted. If you like an elegant holder, get one in a shape that will assure your vino is always pleasing to the palate.

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