There Are Many Different Types Of Cakes For Occasions.

by Sredna Airam

There are many different types of cakes in the world. They have different modes of production, different tastes, designs, colors and uses. Examples include Angel food cake, Red violet cake, Dundee cake and devil food cake. There is also another one known as Muffins chocolate. Muffins chocolate appears to be the best for many outdoor activities such as birthday parties and wedding receptions.

Angel cake came from the United Kingdom. It is made by mixing flour, sugar, icing, eggs and vanilla extract. Angel cake looks like Angel food cake but they are not actually the same.

Angel food cake originated from North America. This is a sponge cake whose major ingredients include cream of Tartar, wheat flour and egg whites. It is better to bake it in a tube pan or a Bundt pan and the pans should not be greased before baking. It can be mixed with sweet fruit sauce and aromatic sauces such as mace and cloves.

Do you know the difference between Red velvet cake and devil food cake? Devil food cake consists of butter, flour, cocoa solids, beets and other ingredients. These ingredients and the method of production make the chocolate part of the cake to be moist, rich and chocolate. These three characteristics are also responsible for its high sales. Another major part of its production is baking soda as it helps to intensify the mahogany color.

Red velvet is also from the United States. Its major ingredients are beetroot or coloring, vanilla, cocoa powder, butter, butter milk, sugar, cocoa powder and cream cheese icing. They appear frequently as dark, red-brown, red and bright red. There are several manufacturers of this cake today and several cupcake bakeries produce them in large quantities.

Dundee cake was also produced first in the UK. It was first made by the Keiller's Marmalade Company in Scotland. Almonds, currants and sultanas are some of its major ingredients. The fruits make them appetizing and more delicious than most other cake varieties. Dundee cake is available in most UK stores.

There are many different types of cakes that use sweeteners such as sugar and honey. These sweeteners are added to make them more appetizing. The sugar can be obtained from any monosaccharide (like fructose and glucose), disaccharides or polysaccharides (example, sucrose). Honey is a natural sweetener obtained from the enzymatic reaction of bees on the nectar of flowers. Honey is formed in the bee hive because the bees take the nectar there. It is usually more acceptable to use honey because of its numerous health benefits. Some of the different types of honey include eucalyptus honey, alfalfa honey and clove honey. Clover honey is made from white clover. It is dominant in Canada and New Zealand.

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