Tips On Using A Baking Stone To Bake Your Pizza

by Bary Whyde

Would you like to learn the secret to baking the best quality pizza at your very home? If perhaps you were thinking why some folks are able to prepare homemade pizza having crispy and amazing crust, then I can let you know the secret is to bake your pizza using a baking stone.

Apparently, baking a pizza on top of a baking stone makes a huge difference since the stone can turn your pizza crust from normal to crispy without having any added effort. Using a baking stone is key to baking an awesome handmade pizza.

Here I'll share some tips with you:

Buy The Correct Diameter Stone

This really is obvious, when you're purchasing a baking stone, be sure you measure your oven first and try to get the biggest stone that will fit your oven. This will make things simpler for you when you need to transfer your pizza to the stove.

Purchase A Pizza Paddle

It is quite helpful to buy a pizza paddle should you be considering to utilize the stone. Make sure you spread some flour on the stone before placing the pizza so it will likely to be easier to get the pizza from the stone as soon as it's prepared

Make Sure That Your Oven Is Hot Enough

Your oven should be hot enough, prior to cooking the pizza, turn up the heat a minimum of 500F/250F and next heat the stone first for thirty minutes, the longer the better. And put the pizza on the top of the stone with your pizza paddle. Make sure to season some flour or corn meal over it. Let it bake for eight minutes and your pizza will be ready!


One other good material is soapstone. Generally, soapstone is much more pricey than terra cotta, however it can yield a terrific pie that is crispy from edge to edge. Certain models also have a stainless steel serving tray and cutter to help you bring your creation to the table.

To get the best results, you'll also require a peel for transferring the pizza both to and from the stone. Both wooden and metal can be found. Regardless of what kind you choose, top it with a thin coating of corn meal, which will help the bread slide on and off. Oftentimes you can buy the stone and peel as a set.

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