Why a Spit Roast Is Perfect for Your Summer BBQ

by Nora Seabolt

With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking of gatherings with friends and family. You are probably planning for family reunions and upcoming holidays already. With that comes all the planning, which undoubtedly includes food. You may even be the one who throws the cookout that everyone can't wait to get to each year, but you're finding yourself out of ideas. Have you considered a spit roast for your next party?

A spit roast is a hog cooked under an open flame. Yes, the huge hog is secured to a spit and slow roasted at your cookout for everyone to see! There are a few nuggets that make this a great addition to your party.

It is a major attraction for sure. Unless you live in certain areas where this is a normal event, many of your guests will never have seen an actual display of a roasting pig. Children especially, will be highly entertained at the display. It will certainly serve as conversation for your guests.

Your family and friends will have more than enough to eat in addition to it being a main attraction. Your roast will offer more than enough meat and will also provide many meal options. Obviously ham will be available immediately after the pork is finished cooking. Dipping sauces can also be offered to please your guests and this can get as creative as you would like. Many also offer bbq sandwiches and chopped pork to be eaten by itself. You can even shave the outer portion of the pig, chop and deep fry it into skins. There are many possibilities.

Another benefit of a spit fire is it is healthier than other forms of cooking, as it decreases the level of oil and fat typically involved.

There are a few additional benefits for the person cooking the pork as well. Spit roasting does not require constant monitoring, allowing the cook to enjoy the event as well. The largest amount of work is the preparation in the very beginning. Once the hog is securely cooking, the whole family can enjoy the bbq.

Another point to mention is its cost. You will find that because it is the main attraction, you will not need to offer too many other meats. Costs are decreased because you are not paying per person, which is often the case if you decide to have your event catered.

Offering a spit fire roast is an overall great choice for your next party. It will be fun for your guests of all ages. It is a healthier option. It is also less expensive and don't forget, it allows the cook to join the party instead of slaving over coals all day. Your guests will not be hungry; neither will they ever forget this outing. Your guests will remember you for your spit roast party.

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