A Big Green Egg - the lastest trend to produce fine food.

by David Sinclair

A Big Green Egg

Is that a ceramic smoker, or did an alien spaceship just land on your patio? If you have got a Big Green Egg gill and smoker, I am sure you've heard that one before. While many might think that your ceramic smoker may look a little silly, they sure aren't giggling when they bight into that mouth-watering rack of rips. Of course, the ceramic smoker design might look good on paper, but what you pay for one does not. Hence what is the difference between ceramic smokers and state-of-the-art metal grill and smoker units?

The Differences

There are 1 or 2 reasons why the cheapest of ceramic smokers outweigh the advantages to even the costliest of metal smoker units.

The Big Green Egg brand, and other ceramic smokers just like it, will have extremely regulated inner atmospheres. Sadly, regulating the atmosphere within that of a metal smoker comes down to: how much charcoal did I put in? And, did I pray to the griddle gods before I started?

Giant Green Egg also states on their website that their smokers are far safer than that of their metal opposite numbers. Since, ceramic reflects heat, making it superb for kilns and furnaces, it doesn't conduct it. This suggests that the surface temperature on a Big Green Egg won't give the skin a second-degree burn.

Ceramic has been shown to be an extremely sturdy material. While metal has held up over the passage of time many metal griddle and smoker units are unfortunately made with cheap sheet metal which will rust within two years. Ceramic smokers are projected to last for generations, which is a bad thing for the Big Green Egg Company, because that means that a repeat customer will come back in approximately seventy-something years. Regardless of Green Egg costs, it may actually save you money over a period of time.

How To Operate

Metal griddle and smoker barbeques sadly need a sizeable amount of experience and luck in order to get their protein to that juicy, tasty taste. With ceramic smokers like the Big Green Egg, it seems to be more boring than that.

Basically, add the allotted quantity of charcoal to the smoker.

Then, add 2 of your grill rated fire starters.

Close the lid.

Wait until the smoker reaches 400 degrees. (If you need to, adjust the airflow at the bottom and top of the smoker.)

Open the lid and slap on your seasoned protein.

Wait around an hour.

Dig in.

See, that was pretty uninteresting compared with racing around your metal smoker, playing the "which chicken is burnt, and which one is still raw" game.

Description: Big Green Egg may look weird, it is one of the very best quality griddles on the market. Compare it to any metal grill, and you will see.

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