Are You Attempting To Self-Publish A Book?

by Karina Toribio

I've found many evidence to suggest that self publishing is a wonderful choice, and traditional publishing firms would be absolutely thrilled if you weren't aware of some of the profits it may offer you.

That's what's called a red rag to a bull - I dislike it when that happens! Just continue reading while I detail some things that may surprise you.

More Profit If You Do It Yourself!

Most surprisingly, possibly, is that you're very likely to achieve a much higher income from the sales of your book if you get it up and running and out to your readers yourself .

It's pretty usual these days for a self published author to take a return of about 75 percent for every copy of their book that's sold.In fact, a few authors receive as much as a 90 percent profit margin in return if they're able to make a best-selling book.

To put that in perspective, think about you are able to create a book for around $3 to you and sell it for $12. In this situation, each book you sold would put $9 in your pocket!

Does it amaze you to recognize that traditional publishing businesses would prefer that you don't know that this type of profit is highly unlikely if you go along and have confidence in them to publish your own book?

If you're getting 75% on sales of your self published book , what do you get from traditional routes? Hold on to your hat - a traditional publishing company is unlikely to offer you greater than 12 percent in royalties.

What's more, that 12 % would come from wholesale purchases, not from the retail sales of every book. As such, creating a nice profit from book sales with a traditional publishing deal only becomes feasible if you can market a really high volume of books .

Residual Rights - The Real Jackpot?

This is a pretty difficult area, and it's one of the areas which the unagented writer will continuously be fleeced. However it may surprise you to know that actually, even agented writers oftentimes don't do a lot better.

In addition to pocketing a huge chunk of the money acquired from selling book sales, publishing companies would much rather you didn't know that they deprive you of numerous great opportunities to make money off your book in other ways.

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