Best Tips For Cooking With Waterless Cookware Sets

by Lakisha Barton

Switching over to waterless cookware sets is something that many households are doing. These use less water and fats. The result is healthier, easier cooking. This is something that every cook can feel good about. Your food will keep many of the vitamins and minerals when it is cooked this way. It also keeps more of the flavor. Many people who try these say that they will never go back to their old pots and pans. These make the entire cooking process easier and faster, not to mention better tasting.

One question that is heard very often is if you do in fact never use water. This can be a bit misleading. While the name might imply none whatsoever is used, the fact is that you will use water. However, you will be using very little.

Rather than boiling vegetables, these pots allow you to steam them. You will use a small amount of water. One quarter cup or less. By preparing your vegetables this way, they retain more of their nutrients. The vitamins and minerals that escape during boiling are kept in the foods when you cook this way. This is better for the entire family.

Never attempt to use covers that did not come with your set. These are special covers that are made to provide and airtight seal. These covers have valves that can be opened and closed. Regular covers will not seal correctly and therefore will not allow you to steam your foods in the same way.

Never use high heat when cooking in these. Medium and low are all that you will need. Being on medium. Use this while the valve is open. Once you hear the whistling close the valve and turn the cooking temperature down to low. When you are done cooking, open the valve again to let the steam escape before you remove the lid.

You do not have to worry about mixing foods and checking on them. Foods do not dry out this way. The food remains moist and the flavor stays locked in. You do not want to open the lids to stir. This will allow the steam to escape and will result in longer cooking times.

The reason for the better taste is that more of the flavor is retained. When foods are cooked in water, not only are the nutrients taken out, but so is the flavor. This method keeps the flavor in the food. Your meals will taste as they are intended to. You will find that with more flavorful meals there will be less need to add salt.

Waterless cookware sets come in a variety of sizes for preparing all of your favorite dishes. Choose the set that best meets your cooking needs. If you are replacing your existing cook sets, you may want to start out small and then add to it. Eventually, you will be able to replace all of your old pots and pans. Once you use this type, it will be hard to go back to using anything else. Buy the best quality pieces that you can afford. You want items with flat bottoms made of high grade materials.

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