Celebrate Summer with an Evening Spit Roast Barbecue Party

by Nora Seabolt

Even in the country, the delicious aroma of a barbecue travels across the area and announces that the season has officially started. Whether you have a deck or patio, celebrate good weather with outside events. Whether you use a traditional red and white checkered tablecloth or placemats, nothing will distract from the delicious food set out on the table. Just start the spit roast cooking and prepare the other foods while the grill tends to the meat. It is too hot for roasting meat in the kitchen, so the BBQ is the perfect choice for cooking.

Clean the grill from top to bottom using water and safe solutions. Dry each part after rinsing it well. If the roast has ties already in place, leave them alone since they hold the roast together while turning. Add fresh herbs and spices by rubbing them into the meat and place minced garlic and onion in the center to flavor from the inside out. Use your favorite prepared marinade or use an interesting recipe to make one from scratch. Adding salt after cooking helps prevent the roast from drying out.

Once you know who will be at the barbecue, decide which foods to serve. If grilled fish is the main course, make a few hamburgers as an option for those preferring meat. The types of food to prepare on the barbecue are unlimited. Late afternoon brings the sunset and a gentle breeze to make visitors feel at home while they wait for the spit roast to finish cooking. Small tables around the patio and the picnic table set give plenty of room for people to sit. The BBQ is the equivalent of the company water cooler, where guests gather to talk and listen.

Prepare the fixings for gourmet hamburgers and place them on the table for guests to build the burger their way. Prepare other items while dinner is cooking. Making things like special sauces and fried bacon strips for the barbecue is better when done ahead of time. Then reheat anything by placing it on the grill or in the microwave before putting it on the table where guests can reach and add it to their plate. Cheddar, provolone and jack cheese are all delicious slices to put on the hamburger before eating. It will melt while sitting in the bun.

Lighten up the evening with decorative patio lights and beautiful solar lights set around the yard. Lights help guests to see steps and walkways. Guests will notice the items you have highlighted, such as the birdbath, gazebo, and pond. Automatic timers ensure that lights come on when the shadows start to lengthen. The solar and low voltage outdoor lights are friendly to the environment and inexpensive to operate while providing safety and colorful dcor to the yard.

Organize the barbecue by using toss-away plastic flatware and paper plates, napkins, and cups. The guests will readily place their trash in a convenient trash bin lined with a plastic bag. Hang weights to avoid having the tablecloth, plates and food ending up blown off the table by the breeze. One method of getting help with cleanup is to invite guests to pack up food they want to take home. Family and friends will enjoy the meal and the conversation.

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