Choose Potato Cooking Tips And Ideas For A Satisfying Meal

by Agaton Rasmon

The humble potato originated in the Andes over 8000 years ago. But it did not arrive in Europe until the 16th Century. Since then, potato cooking has become a daily activity throughout the world.

Nowadays there are many kinds and discoveries have been made that different sorts suit particular ways of cooking them. Round red ones and the new potato are the best ones to boil. They keep their shape better than some of the other kinds. Russets and baking ones are ideal for mashing. If frying or baking select long whites.

If you want to have them mashed, cook them in milk rather than water. Adding garlic to the cooking process will make the taste more interesting. For a lighter mixture, use skimmed milk instead of full fat milk and leave out any butter you had thought of mixing in afterwards. Do not be tempted to mash them too much as they can become too starchy. Herbs, salt and pepper, roasted garlic or grated cheese can be included as you do your final mix.

It is easy to oven roast them. After chopping them into halves or perhaps quarters, mix in olive oil. To ensure they will brown evenly keep turning them whilst they are cooking.

Frying them is another choice for this versatile vegetable. First they need to be cut and soaked for half an hour. Dry thoroughly before placing in a frying pan. After they are cooked they should be drained on kitchen paper to remove any excess and unwanted fat. You can fry them for a second time if you want a crisper finish.

Baking in skins is a popular method. It will take longer to oven cook, though. You can choose really interesting and satisfying fillings, such as grated cheese, tuna with sweetcorn or coleslaw. They add a splash of color as well.

If you want to make a Lyonnaise dish you will need to slice cooked potatoes, add sliced onions, butter and herbs of your choice. It makes a tasty meal. You will find it filling, too. Another tasty meal using red ones is potato au gratin. It has grated cheese as a topping. Alternatively, you can make a casserole supper meal. Cooked potatoes have to be diced. Add cottage cheese and combine with sour cream, cheese and garlic. The ingredients will be easy to buy.

Hot or cold new ones are very versatile. Even if you cook too many there are plenty of ways to use them. Cold with a salad is refreshing. Add a dressing of mustard, olive oil and lemon juice to give added flavor. All these simple tips result in easy potato cooking being a pleasurable activity!

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