Determine A Little More About What A Yeast Free Diet Entails

by Rachel Peterson

The promotion of good health and well being of the body can be achieved through yeast restricted dieting. The bacteria living in the body is usually harmless, but there comes some times when they cause one to have symptoms like bloating and abdominal pain. When you hear a yeast free diet, it means just that; cutting off consumption of any yeast containing foods such as pretzels, bread, cookies, rolls, pastries among others.

Avoiding foods with vinegar should also help eliminate the consumption of this substance since yeast is contained in vinegar. This is also true for foods that are made using vinegar like pickled foods, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, pickles, mustard and salad dressing. Foods that have been fermented also fall in the category of foods to avoid and these include spirits, beer and wine and sauerkraut or cider.

More foods to avoid are moldy foods; for instance, cured bacon, pickled, smoked, or dried meats, mushrooms, cheese and some types of nuts like pistachios and peanuts. There are other moldy foods like malt, prepackaged herbs, teas and soy sauce, including canned tomatoes. Yeast intolerant people do crave foods with sugar which should also be avoided.

The sugars to eliminate include confectioners, granulated and brown sugar. Drink mixes, chocolate, soft drinks and honey/maple syrup are some of those that contain these sugars. Also to avoid is corn syrup that contains high levels of fructose as well as fruits like citrus, grapes, dates, raisin, figs and prunes.

A great yeast deficit will have been created by the time one hits the six week mark since the beginning of the dieting process. The body will slowly begin to adjust to this cleansing and the results will be feeling and looking much healthier. This kind of dieting creates greater long and short term energy reserves by simply flushing out all the toxins. This cleansing is not without side effects which include fatigue, irritability and weakness of the body basically caused when toxins are dumped inside the intestinal and vaginal tracts.

There is no need to worry though since the body bounces back real quick. For the prevention of reoccurring problems and maintenance of good health products with sugar and yeast should not be taken into the system for as long as the dieting goes. Some of these restricted foods can be taken only after six weeks of dieting but they should be taken in small amounts and not all at the same time, one by one.

When tracking your body, you will be able to tell if these foods cause you problems or not. This will help you know which to use and which ones to continue avoiding. Often those people that are intolerant have the chance to learn ways on how to limit the amount they eat and body symptoms to know when to avoid yeasty foods.

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