Easy Cupcake Recipes

by Stella Marryasiano

Everybody love cupcakes.You'd rarely find one who desn't like it.Of course who wouldn't be tempted with that soft sweet sponge and the delightful icing on top of it?Children and older ones alike enjoy devouring these delightful treats.

Through the years people experimented on various ways of preparing their cupcake.Nowadays you already have a choice as to the design and recipe that you want.

These mini treats became popular because their easy to prepare.You can also use your imagination in their preparation.There are a lot of great baking and decorating ideas right now.You can even grab some do it yourself cupcake ideas and kits that already have all the materials ready.

Because it's easy to prepare, many include it in their menus often.When it comes to parties, birthday cupcakes are now becoming popular too.It's cheaper and a lot easier to make.Some even like doing it by themselves.There are now a lot of ready mixes and materials for decorating and having fun with your mini cakes.

There are two main things you have to do when you when making a cup cake.

First up is to bake the cake.You need to have an oven, the mold where you're going to place the cake and all the ingredients for baking cakes.You can add in some chocolate or make it red velvet or whatever cake flavor you want.Try to check out a baking site for cupcake recipes to guide you in making the cake part.

After you're through with baking, it's time for the decoration.One important tip to remember is to wait for the cake to cool before you start decorating it with icing and other toppings.Your icing or frosting might melt if the cake is still hot.You can put in whipped cream, icing or other frostings.You can also add on some decors like candy sprinkles, chocolates or fruits to top your mini cake.

Most people now like serving cupcakes instead because it's easy to create layers of it.You simply have to look for a stand where you can arrange your decorated mini-cakes in layers.

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