Extraordinary Pancake Recipes for Extraordinary Pancakes

by Kathy Straw

Do not hesitate to try these exclusive special pancake recipes to amaze your entire family. Prepare these pancakes right here and offer your family something new and fantastic. You can also revise the basic pancake recipe by incorporating experiments, tossing into the batter every single possible savory ingredient like berries, bananas, pumpkins, cinnamon and vanilla. This website will share some amazing recipes that can provide you with unique pancakes. The taste and attributes of these pancakes exceed everyone's expectations. What would seem like a normal breakfast or snack break will suddenly turn into an exclusive treat with these pancakes. Can't wait to experience them? You better have a look at these pancake recipes.

Recipe for Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

This pancake recipe will give you tender and fluffy pancakes which are full of fresh strawberries. With all the sweetness of vanilla, these pancakes might seem like the very best treat and also a rewarding breakfast food at the same time. Don't fail to serve these pancakes along with butter or maple syrup as toppings for a complete indulgence!

Servings: four


1 cup all-purpose flour,

2 tablespoons brown sugar,

two teaspoons baking powder,

1 teaspoon salt,

1 egg,

1 cup milk,

two tablespoons vegetable oil,

two teaspoons vanilla extract,

1 cup chopped fresh strawberries,


1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine at once flour, brown sugar, baking powder and salt. Moderately whisk the egg in one more mixing bowl. Add milk, oil, beaten egg and vanilla to the bowl with dry mixture, and then stir thoroughly till well mixed. Fold up the strawberries in the mixture.

two. Put a big skillet or griddle over medium heat, and then spread by using butter or cooking spray. Spoon parts of batter into desired size of pancakes, and put into griddle. Cook until corners become firm and pockets surround the surface. Turn just about every pancake over utilizing a spatula and cook the opposite sides till light brown

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