Factors To Consider When Using The Stevia Recipes

by Jean Phillips

Stevia is a plant extract, which is used as a sweetener for various foods and drinks. The extract has gained so much popularity due to its sugary nature which has lead it to become a substitute for the normal sugar. The extract has negligible amounts of calories, that do not affect blood sugar levels. In addition, it is heat-stable hence it is suitable for purposes of cooking hence replacing sugar in many recipes. Below are tips that will guide you when considering Stevia recipes.

This component differs depending with the person bottling it. It is ten to fifteen times sweeter than common sugar. Because of this, you have to be very careful when using it thus you have to use a tablespoon which is the same as one cup of ordinary sugar. For you to have an easy time adapting to its usage, you can consider the use of other sweet supplements maple syrups together with the component.

Nevertheless, remember that in either powder or liquid, this component is not the same as sugar when one is using it for cooking. It does not caramelize when exposed to high temperatures like the normal sugar do and it also does not feed yeast.

When you are making drinks using the sweetener, you should put it in limited amounts until you achieve the taste that you desire. Add a pinch slowly as you keep on tasting the drink. The sweetener makes the drink to be very tasty and also healthier.

You can also experiment the sweetener for your baking needs. You can use it to bake cakes, muffins, breads, cookies and other many treats. With the desired amounts of the sweetener, you will have the same delicious baking treats that you would have gotten with the normal sugar.

Another use of this component is using it with cereal meals. You can add a pinch on top of your cereal, waffles and pancakes. Moreover, you can also use it to satisfy the other cravings by adding it to your homemade salads, snacks, fruits and salads.

If you want to make choices for a very healthy diet, you should consider using Stevia recipes. Think of all the types of processed sugary foods that you ingest everyday. Therefore, to live a longer and healthier life, you should monitor the intake of such ingredients by substituting them with the sweetener. More to this, you will not have any more worries about adding calories to your body.

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