Find Out How You Can Make Stir Fry

by Pamela Higgins

Just what could be more delicious than to indulge your taste buds to a mouthwatering dish that can take just two or three minutes of your time for you to prepare.

Stir Fry cooking, a regular cooking technique in the orient regions is among the easiest strategies of cooking. Stir Fry cooking offers a flavorful and wholesome dish ready in your kitchen table within a couple of minutes. Stir Fry dinners feature an abundance of flavor and are also full of healthful benefits. This Asian manner of cooking normally contains light meat, a lot of veggies and Asian spices which are cooked quickly more than a high heat to keep the nutrients and flavor from the ingredients.

The initial step, when learning how to make Stir Fry is always to obtain a wok. Take into account that the heavier the wok the better as it will keep the temperature which can be a very important factor in this kind of cooking. Before you begin with your Stir Fry, you should wash and season your wok. Seasoning of the wok will assure a well-balanced heat distribution when cooking and it will help keep the flavors of the food being cooked. Be aware that when you remove the wok from its product packaging there is a greasy film strip on the surface on the wok. You must eliminate it and wash the wok inside a lukewarm water and soap. To season the wok, add a tbsp. of oil to the cleaned cold wok and delicately wipe around the cooking surface area of the wok to coat with the cooking oil.

After you have seasoned and cleaned out your new wok you are able to commence preparing your ingredients by chopping and drying them. Heat the wok and put adequate amount of cooking oil just to coat the surface area on the wok and after that add the meat (it can be beef, pork or chicken). Stir Fry the meat over a medium to high heat temp and keep on to toss the meat until it is just cooked through. Put aside the meat. Next, Stir Fry the veggies within the wok with a little more oil. When the fresh vegetables are cooked but still crunchy return the meat to the wok and add the sauces and seasonings to flavor the dish. Cook for an extra minute before serving with rice or noodles.

Even though a time honored Asian meal, there are a lot more nations who now involve Stir Fry in their cooking and menus. Now you understand the best way to make Stir Fry, you can start to mix different fresh vegetables, meat and flavors to your own taste till you have got different flavor combinations of Stir Fry dish prepared in your personal table.

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