Homemade Food Product Development Tips

by Thelma Kent

If you have found a unique recipe that everyone loves and you are receiving endless requests for it, you may want to consider marketing it. Homemade foods are popular for their local appeal, taste and natural ingredients. However, you have to ensure that you adhere to food product development regulations and procedures.

Once you have decided that you want to market your produce, you need to find your target market. If your dish or condiment would go particularly well with an ethnic cuisine, the people eating it would be your niche market. Make a list of the reasons why your item would appeal to them.

People love homemade cuisine as it is usually natural and made from fresh ingredients. That is one of the features that you can emphasize in your marketing approach. If you can make the dish without any allergens, that will give you a great selling-point.

Locality is another great appeal. You can emphasize the fact that your item is local by selling it at local events, farmer's markets, shows and fairs. If you get ingredients from local suppliers, highlight that contribution as it will create cross-marketing and cooperation between you and the suppliers. Approach local coffee shops and restaurants to promote your item by giving them a few samples.

When designing packaging, remember that this is the first thing people see before the taste wins them over. Use quality bottling or packaging and use a visual representation of the local area to emphasize the fact that it is homemade. The name of your product should also tell people that it is made at home.

Recyclable material is cheap and can be used effectively to promote your wares. Use a logo on wax wrapping to enhance the look of what you are selling. It is also in line with the food product development laws.

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