How a Spit Brings Happiness to your Barbecue

by Nora Seabolt

The popularity of the outdoor meal has been known for some time. The backyard is largely ignored until the time comes to have that ever popular outdoor meal. One thing that many people seem to be missing when they hold these wonderful outdoor cookouts is the ability to cook an entire meal. Obviously you will have hamburgers and hot dogs, but have you ever considered rotisserie chicken? What if you want to cook a roast? There are some things that just taste better over an open flame.

A BBQ spit will be required if you wish to cook an entire animal. In essence, the BBQ spit is a rotisserie that stands above the grill or the fire pit, and you can use it to cook your meat above the fire. There are several different types of BBQ spits for sale, and the one you choose will depend highly on your setup.

Over the Fire

Obviously an over the fire BBQ spit will need to be tall enough to avoid the pit itself, and these are some of the most popular. You have more than likely seen a fire spit in an old western film at some point. By using a spit of this nature you are carrying on a tradition that extends for quite literally several thousand years.


Cooking with a BBQ spit over the grill is one of the newer methods, and this will generally require a specialized spit which attaches to your grill. Theses are shorter and easily stored. If you need to cook a lot of meat, both single and dual spits are available. As of late, cooking with a spit is definitely easier.


There are two very different types of BBQ spit. One type is motorized and the other manual. The benefit of the motorized model is that you will not need to watch it or interact with it until the meat is cooked. It is however easy to forget about the cooking, and if the motor ever fails, you will have a rather one sided cook job. Even though a manual machine will call for a bit of work, you will be able to control the process.

As you can see, this will not be an easy decision, but having a spit on hand is a perfect solution for those backyard cookouts. The most important step is determining which version would suit your needs. As with any other product, you have the option of buying either online or in an actual store.

The selection in a retail store gives instant gratification, albeit a bit limited. You might get a discount at an online store and the selection will be bigger. Remember, when it comes to a spit you now have plenty of options.

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