How A Wine Decanter Is Used

by Thelma Kent

A decanter is a type of vessel used to hold the decantation of a liquid which may include sediment. Decantation is the process involving the separation of mixtures. A wine decanter is often used as a serving unit for wine.

These structures range when it comes to their overall shape and design. Many times they are constructed from inert materials, specifically glass. They can hold the contents of a standard bottle of this alcoholic drink. A carafe is a similar structure used to serve drinks; however, it does not include a stopper.

In history, these units were a major part of the serving process of a drink. Drink from amphoras would be used to fill the vessels which were then brought out to the table and handled by servants. Ancient Romans are the group of people who began making these units from glass. But with the fall of the Roman Empire also came the lack of glass production and so these decanters were made from other materials, such as gold, earthenware, bronze, or silver.

Venetians are the group of people who brought back the glass-made models. This was during the Renaissance period. Around the 1730s, British glass makers developed a stopper. This was used to limit the liquid to air exposure. Since then, very little changes have been made to this device.

This decanting process is done when liquid from a bottle is poured into the vessel. This carried out as a way to separate the small quantity of liquid with sediment from the large quantity of clear liquid without sediment. During the procedure, sediment is left in the original glass and the clear liquid is then transferred to the decanter.

Another purpose for using a wine decanter is to aerate the drink. This is essentially allowing it to breath. The device is designed to mimic the effects made when the drink is swirled in a glass. It stimulates molecule movement and triggers the aroma compounds.

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