How often should we eat meat per week?

by Frank Jaeger

Meat is used in different recipes especially in curry, hamburgers, stakes, BBQ etc, but use of everything is bad.

Eating meat in abundance can cause metabolic disorders and abnormal rise in cholesterol level Meat recipes are commonly available on internet and in recipe books.

At the top of Healthy diet pyramid lie processed and red meat. Hot dogs, bacon, and deli meat contains high proportion of Sodium. Recent research has explored that excessive use of red meat causes heart diseases.

Consequently one should cut down the intake of red meat up to two times a week avoiding processed meat.

Chicken and fish meats are healthier than red meat as they help to decrease the cholesterol level resulting less chances of catching diabetes and heart problems. Feel free to have poultry meat like duck and chicken more than two times in a week.. Dieticians suggest to eat boneless, skinless chicken.

same is the case with fish meat, eat as many times as you want .

To encourage the limited usage, some of the disadvantages of meat are listed below:

• From meat one can get proteins and other nutrients but no fiber which is a health threat for a meat lover. Chances of cancer and heart problems can rise due to the unfair amount of fiber in the body • Meat lovers can suffer from calcium loss of bones while digesting unwanted proteins during digestion

• Meat contains useless fats and cholesterol which is very harmful for health in case of regularly eaten • Some diseases and worms like liver fluke and tape worms causing ulcers and intestinal blockage can be transmitted through the meat of infected animals to human body

• Commercially raised livestock feed on chemical feed for quick maturity.

Cancer, Skin allergies and spots can be caused by the chemicals and amines extracted during the deep frying ,or extreme heating of meat from such animals.

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