Ideas For Wine Accessories Gifts And Other Items

by Kerri Turner

You can come up with many different wine accessories gifts and other items to give at a special event. These items can be as creative as you would like them to be, or a mix of what the manufacturer offers and how you personalize the present. Take time to think about what might mean a lot to the person, or to help make the person's bar upkeep more convenient.

For someone who keeps every cork, there are specially designed mesh containers in all shapes and sizes. These additions to a kitchen or den area can become attractive centerpieces filled with the person's cork collection. You might also consider attractive jars or glass containers for the same effect.

If the person struggles with opening bottles when entertaining, a fancy bottle opener may be just the remedy to help out when needed. Counter-based models that set upright and allow you to place the bottle in them can offer ease of uncorking. These models can range in price, so it may be worth it to you to shop around for a deal.

Racks for storage also can be a source of interesting presentation and display on a counter or on the floor. Smaller versions can give you an economical option of something to give as a present, while larger versions can serve as their own temperature-controlled cooler. Judge for yourself what might work best in this area when considering buying one for someone else.

You could bedazzle with a simple gift of jeweled accented markers for glasses and bottles. Some types can be draped around the base of a glass to identify which person it belongs to, an important detail when entertaining many guests. Other variations offer glass or reinforced glass corks with a jeweled end for a sparkling finish to cork the bottle.

A barkeep setup in a stainless steel bucket also may be a welcome addition to someone's kitchen or bar area for better organization and stylish appeal. You can purchase the ice bucket and fill it with barkeep towels, a cork opener and even some engraved, monogrammed glasses for an elegant effect. This could be a standout gift for someone.

For a different approach, offer someone a glass drying rack for his or her stemware with a simple yet stylish model. This can be set on their counter and is basically a wire tree designed to hold the glasses by the stems to dry spotless after washing. Different manufacturers offer a variety of models at different price points to choose from.

A good way to get a sense of what is available is to go online and peruse catalogs. You may be surprised at the entire industry built up on ideas based on a home bar scene. For more wine accessories gifts and ideas, shop around and talk to a specialist with expertise in these items. Your next party may be a time to give one of these items to someone who will appreciate it.

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