Making A Great Ice Cream Dessert

by Mayank Jayaswal

It is quite effortless to make an ice cream treat for your family. First time I had eaten the dessert, it is actually at my Mom's home and believed that this dish definitely required a great deal of time in making which I won't have e. However I was surprised to see her doing it so quickly and that too with only a few ingredients. Now whenever I've decided to make this ice cream cake, I've always got really nice comments from my family.

It is possible to prepare at any time through the day and place it inside the deep freeze and serve when you want. You do not need to rush it up during peak schedule. If you're putting together an event in evening, create your dessert during the daytime and freeze them till evening.

Ingredients: Little bit of ice cream,Hot chocolate topping,Few almonds,Cool whip,Caramel topping

Place half the ice cream sandwiches side by side in a cookie tray. Now warm the hot fudge till it is a thin liquid and then spread it over ice cream sandwiches. Place it into the freezer for 10 minutes for the fudge to become thick again. Then take it out of the freezer and spread a layer of cool whip on the ice cream sandwiches. Put the ice cream sandwiches back into the freezer for another round of 10 minutes.

Now position the other half of the ice cream over the prepared frozen ice cream. Heat the caramel sauce after that and spread it over the ice cream dessert. Set again the ice cream inside the freezer for a few more minutes. Take it out and add some more whip and chocolate and your ice cream dessert is ready to be served. Enjoy this delicious piece of dessert with your family members.

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