Making Recipe Storage A Breeze

by Madge Lindsay

The time has come to complete a task that has been put off far too long. Every time a meal is planned, the preparations are buried under piles of paper. Something has to be done about recipe storage.

No one looks to this chore with ease. Things are such a tangled mess, you have no idea where to start. Set aside your misgivings and get to work. It may take some time and be a bit trying but begin with sorting the directions on paper from those on cards. Then attack each pile with a vengeance.

Make one pile of index cards and another of paper clippings that you may have gotten from a magazine or a newspaper.. Step one accomplished. Now to take the piles and sort them down by food type. When you are done you should have all directions sorted into groups by the main ingredient, be it fish or chicken. When you are unsure of one, check an existing cookbook and see where they filed a certain like recipe. The last step requires that everything be placed in alphabetical order.

As you go through all these instructions be sure it is something that you are going to use fairly often. If its been hanging around forever and you still haven't made the dish, simply throw it away. If you haven't used it by now, chances are you never will. Keep only those you know will be used because they are family favorites.

Recipe boxes come with index cards that list all the kinds of foods we eat. Simply place the instructions in the area they belong with. When you need them and you want a dish that is made from beef, you will know exactly where to find it.

Others will opt to purchase the binder. It is likened to a student binder with rings that open and close. These rings will hold plastic sheets with openings that average four inches high by six inches wide. There are typically three openings on each sheet both front and back. Make all the mess you want, and the card is kept away from harm behind the safety of a plastic covering. Just wipe it clean.

Meal planning and directions are also a favored gift from a mother to a daughter. It is something that she will cherish her entire life. What wonderful memories will be recalled when she sees one that became a family favorite many years ago. Wrap it up with a pretty bow and present it to her for Christmas, her birthday, or even a wedding gift.

The last thing you need to do is find a resting place for your books and binders. Stood on end they will take up minimal room and when you need them they are nearby. Now that you have organized all of your recipe storage, you can sit back and relax. Even a chef would be impressed with your accomplishment.

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