Outdoor Dining NYC Style Is The Way To Enjoy Summer Dining

by Casandra Cotton

People who enjoy their food tend to agree that, for some inexplicable reason, it generally tastes better when eaten outside. Outdoor dining NYC style is no exception and New Yorkers this summer have either flocked onto their balconies, roof gardens, or for the very few who have them, into their gardens.

Maybe when breathing more oxygen the sense of flavor is enhanced or could it be the rays of the sun that generate an elevated mood. Cooking over hot coals, fresh fish off the grill or a simple a slice of pizza it really matters not at all, there appears to be unanimity that it tastes better eaten outside.

The people of Italy gave us the words al fresco which immediately fills the minds of some people with visions and smells of delectable cooking. In the circumstances of food it is best interpreted basically as the act of eating outside. The peoples of America seem to have allocated this term exclusively to eating establishments that make this their forte. As trends have developed the idea has become almost a specialized eating out concept. As so often is the case New York leads the way by offering a range of top al fresco institutions to residents and visitors alike.

The Manhattan riverside is an unforgettable locality to enjoy dining in the outdoors and mesmeric views of the famous East River. Reports have been circulated of patrons, lost in the idyllic surroundings, who have forgotten to place their orders. A new innovation is the development of a picnic-type seating plan that creates a close and sharing atmosphere amongst diners.

Lovers of roof top restaurants will be delighted with the choices available in Manhattan's Fifth Avenue region. The objective seems to be outside or bust and restaurateurs will provide either an enormous umbrella, no matter for the heat or the wet, or heaters for when it cools down. They certainly try hard to satisfy the yearning to eat outside no matter what the weather. Of course the food is amazing, particularly the Malay.

It is pretty difficult to top some of the roof top or riverside options mentioned above. However, a meal on a boat might do the trick. Restaurants integrated into luxury boats offer out-of-doors cooking on a new level. Cocktails, incredible dishes, varied styles, serenading musical interludes while all the time cruising effortlessly past some of the best New York sights.

There are a body of customers for whom eating outside means getting right down at the edge of the tarmac whereby one literally has almost physical contact with city life as it races by on what remains of the pavement and adjacent traffic filled street. The area known as the Meat Packing District, although there is now little of this activity going on here, does offer some fine sidewalk restaurants.

The pressure of time, budget and opportunity dictate that often outdoor meals take place within the confines of patios or balconies. Outdoor dining NYC fashion is thriving and very able to cater for those times when the occasion leads diners to venture out further.

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