Personal Chef Job Description For The Curious

by Marguerite Stanton

It is nothing new in the world of the rich and the famous to hire the services of a personal chef Albuquerque. Even Oprah Winfrey is known to have one. Their services are hired for a number of different reasons. Others mainly hire one since most of the family members either do not know how to cook or lack time.

These people are considered as symbol of grandeur since these people are well trained to cook dishes that may cost hundreds of dollars per meal. This is also one of the reasons why only rich people can afford to hire one. Most of the rich people in the country have a complex palate for meals with pleasing presentation and flavor.

Before starting the actual work, these people meet their clients and have an interview with them. The employer may be asked of his favorite dishes and if there are specific types of food that the employer is not allowed to eat. This will help him narrow down possible menus for the employers.

These people do not only work at a house kitchen but may be required to work in any place where the employer desires to bring his private cook with him. They may work as a cook for a birthday party at a place other than the house. They may also work as cooks on a family camping trip.

These people either work alone or in a group. A lot of these people end up working with several employers. Others are only required to cook breakfast for one client and concentrate dinner for another client. Chefs working in a restaurant, also work as a private cook to supplement income.

They are also responsible for the planning of meals. Typically, chefs plan the weekly menu or a monthly menu to be approved by the employer. They may come to the residence of the client once or twice a week to cook meals enough to last for the whole week. Others are required to be on call.

This is the perfect career move for cooks who need to supplement their income. Fresh graduates who require experience may work as a personal chef albuquerque. This is an opportunity to meet potential clients when one decides to open a restaurant in the future.

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