Raw Dog Food Recipes For Your Healthy Pet

by Desirie Joy Ligutom

Are you the kind of pet owner who usually spends great amount of buying expensive pet food. As we know, dog is known as a man's best friend and not just a dog. Dogs on both sexes are the most loyal animal on the planet that's why every house has a dog. Some of the pet owners come to extent when they have their pet wear some apparels and let their dogs experience glamour like human. They treat it on the spa; socialize to a party and feeding with the most expensive dog food in the world. In fact, dogs don't wish for that fancy things. If a dog can talk, your pet would probably ask for delicious food only. My best suggestion would be Dog Food Recipes

Manufactured and processed pet food available at store may appear in persuasive and colorful packaging but please note that we live in the industry of high innovation. We live in the world where 90% of the things on store are lies. Businesses hire for educated employees to seduce many clients from packaging to labels and the entire production of product. The particular picture use on the packaging can affect selection of the consumers along with dog owners on choosing dog food.

There are plenty of good reasons why you need to start up using Raw Dog Food Recipes than purchasing pet food available on stores. Below are the factors why you mustn't buy pet food at store.

1. Preparation technique

The the preparation and processing of commercialize pet food reduces the level of nutritional value of the dog food. Also, chemicals are added to maintain the life and freshness of the food. The benefits of this prepared dog foods are poor.

2. Additive Fillers

The kind of fillers added on grain and wheat on the products are dangerous too. This is hazardous to the health of your pet since dog could possibly get allergies and addicted to it. One package of dog food from store can develop discomforts when it reaches to couple of packs. Symptoms may notice to your dog rashes and health problems of your dog.

3. Preservatives

Preservative is a big no and can deliver health risk both for humans and animals system. Companies who produce this kind of products utilize a large amount of preservatives that can last up to number of years to stop spoilage.

Aside from preservatives, there are a lot of unknown and dangerous ingredients put into the goods which maybe not favorable for your dog's health.

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