Recipe for Classic Liege Waffles

by Ben Panny

This recipe can give you the perfect liege waffles you may find. Looks like you are visiting Belgium with each bite of this waffle. This particular recipe would yield ten servings. The dough need to rise completely so expect the dough making process to get just a little bit extensive. However of course, the results are worth every second and just about every ounce of energy.


1 tbsp granulated sugar,

3 tsp active dry yeast,

cup complete milk warmed to 110-115 degrees,

1/3 cup water warmed to 110-115 degrees,

four Cups flour,

two Substantial eggs,

4 Tbsp brown sugar,

1 tsp baking powder,

1 tsp salt,

1 cup butter (2sticks),

2 Tbsp honey,

two Tbsp pure vanilla,

1 cups Belgian Pearl sugar ("Lars Own" may be the simplest to find in the US)

For cinnamon liege waffles: include 2-3 Tbsp ground cinnamon


Inside a mixer, pour warm milk, warm water, yeast, as well as 1 cups of flour and mix for 3-5 minutes till mixture will have a smooth and sticky texture.

Set aside mixture in a mixer bowl for around 60 minutes. This may rise drastically inside the bowl.

At the same time, stir in these ingredients over the mixture without the need of mixing them with the ingredients already contained inside the mixture (allow them to rest on top): Remaining three cups of flour, brown sugar, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, as well as eggs.

After 60 minutes, stir in vanilla and honey in to the mixture/dough. Combine completely for 5 minutes. Set aside for about four hours at room temperature to enable perfect rising of the dough.

Right after four hours, press the dough down, removing all of the gases. Place dough inside a baking pan or leave it rested within the mixing container after which cover with butcher paper. Store dough in refrigerator overnight.

The following day remove dough from the fridge and add in the pearl sugar. Massage manually by hand or make use of a dough hook.

If you would like incorporate cinnamon, knead in cinnamon right at this time though make sure it is done just after you've added the pearl sugar.

Divide the dough equally into ten pieces and shape each into ball. Before cooking, let dough balls to sit along with pearl sugar for around 90 minutes

Cook preferably in a liege waffle iron at 365-370 degrees temperature for 2-3 minutes or only till waffles become golden brown along with caramelized pear sugar on the outside

Note: If you are making use of a waffle iron with a slightly higher temperature of 400 degrees, reduce temperature to 300 degrees just right after you've located the dough balls in to the scorching iron. This may prevent the pearl sugar from burning.

12. Allow waffles to cool down to get a couple of minutes before serving given that caramelized pearl sugar will probably be incredibly hot.

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