Recipe for Qdoba Mexican Grill Guacamole Dip

by Alejandro Mole

No one knows the precise secret ingredient of the creamy guacamole prepared at Qdoba Mexican Grill. This recipe mimics the delectable flavour of this favorite restaurant side dish and uses exactly the same ingredients identified in their top secret guacamole recipe. This simple and distinctive homemade guacamole combines the fresh taste of avocado and red onion with regular Mexican flavors from cilantro and jalapeno peppers. Go ahead and attempt this copy cat recipe for a flavor sure to match the guacamole at Qdoba Mexican Grill. With this easy recipe, you can make guacamole in much less than 20 minutes and with only five easy to locate food ingredients.

Qdoba Mexican Grill Guacamole Ingredients:

4 Ripe avocados, 1 Jalapeno pepper, Red onion, roughly cup chopped, 1 Lime juiced, approximately 1 tbsp., Tsp. Coarse salt


On a chopping board, slice avocado in half and remove the seed. Using a large spoon, scoop out the center of the avocado and place in a glass or plastic bowl. Mash the avocados with a fork or potato masher until desired consistency is reached.

Place the jalapeno pepper on the chopping board and take away stem, core, and seeds. Finely chop jalapeno and add to blended avocado.

Peel red onion and place on chopping board. Chop red onion into small bits and add to mixture. Blend together.

Wash and pat dry the fresh cilantro. Place on the chopping board and finely chop cilantro leaves. Add to avocado, jalapeno, and red onion.

Cut lime in two and squeeze juice over guacamole. Lime juice need to equal around one tablespoon. Add coarse salt and stir all ingredients till well blended.

Cover and put in the refrigerator for one to two hours for flavors to blend into a tasty guacamole dip.

Serve with warm tortilla chips or as a compliment to your preferred Mexican dish.

Qdoba Mexican Grill Guacamole Dip Ideas and Tricks

Fresh ingredients are the key to a delightful guacamole dip. Pick out avocadoes that give slightly when pressed with the thumb this signals peek ripeness. Avoid avocados that are rock hard or are mushy to the touch (look at the complete ways to pick out avocados manual). Cilantro should not appear wilted, and jalapeno pepper need to appear deep green with no bruising.

A flavorful addition to guacamole is seeded and chopped Roma tomatoes.

Be cautious when working with jalapeno peppers. Wash your hands instantly or wear gloves to avoid eye irritation due to accidentally rubbing your eyes.

Make your guacamole on the same day you plan to serve it. Extended refrigeration will cause the dip to become discolored.

Guacamole is more than a chip dip. Spread it over a whole-grain tortilla and top with shredded chicken, low-fat grated cheese, and salsa for a delightful and healthy lunch.

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