Smoothie Making Procedure

by Joi Boehle

Snappy and Effortless Guidelines in Making Smoothies at Home

One shortcoming of availing and drinking shakes everyday is the need for you to go to your favorite saloon to buy your favorite smoothies. Apart from paying much to get one, most likely you need to wait in line to get your drink. It would be unfeasible and impractical of you to buy and drink smoothies and not worth all the work as well. For sure, there are ingredients which you do not like to be placed in the drink such as sugar, right? It is tough and difficult to ascertain the different ingredients in the shakes you bought in stores. However, you can make you own version of smoothies at home using your blender. Having blender at home makes it easier and convenient to create the nutritious, healthy and appealing shakes.

If you are fascinated to create your own delicious smoothie at home, below are the steps you need to pursue:


You can create your own concoction of tropical fruits. For my shake, I like the fusion of mangoes and bananas for my shakes. I recommend that you use either cranberry or orange juice to give it additional zest.

You can also affix in other ingredients to your smoothies like agave or honey for additional sweetness. You can also put in some ice to obtain the coolness you want. Even though ice is one important item in making smoothies, it is very hard and difficult to mix. However, with blender on your side, you can create and obtain your beverages in just minutes.


Put the selection of fruits inside the blending device; pour some ice cubes to keep it cool and to obtain the velvety texture you want. If you plan to serve the smoothies to about one to two visitors, I advise you get one big banana, two mangoes and a cup of juice. After placing all of them inside the blender, be certain that the lid is tightly locked. You can jumble and blend the varied components for approximately a minute or two or until you obtain the texture and smoothness you long for. Much more, the span of time needed in blending the mixture varies according to the brand and type of blender you are using in your home. You can do some trials to know which ones works and which ones meet your specifications.

Now you made it! Make sure to transfer the shake you make into a cup or other types of containers. You can then savor and enjoy the luscious, nutritious and velvety beverage every time you crave for one. Anyhow, you can easily make changes to the recipe to suit the requisites and the quantity of visitors you like to give out the smoothies.

You already know how fun and stress free it is to create one at home. One perk of generating your own version of smoothie is the freedom to select different fruits you like to be incorporated in your drink. Much more, you can adjust the flavor and quality of the beverage you created according to your requisites.

Ahhh, a Hawaiian shake! These types of scrumptious beverages are brisk to prepare and nutritional goodies that your entire household can take pleasure in every day. These enticing and wholesome cocktail can be create from range of tropical and seasonal fruits in stores. You can make velvety and appealing concoction from one fruit or combination of several types.

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