The Secret To Serving The Best Hummus Recipe

by Leroy Jenkins

This is a delicious recipe to make simple hummus dip. You may want to set aside some time to prepare everything, because it's best to let the juices in it to site a couple hours for the best taste. I like to introduce it to my family slightly cold with a side of veggies or crackers.

This is pretty hard to believe, but hummus has been around for a really long time. In fact, it's been around for thousands of years! You can find it inside many health stores around the world. The fact that it's so simple makes it very appealing, plus it's great with a lot of different types of foods. Chickpeas is the main thing you will taste when you bite into it.

Another important thing to mention is it's packed full of essential nutrients. Vitamin D is the main supplement and benefit you will find. Hummus is also very high in fiber and stuffed with protein. I think this makes it a perfect addition to a vegetarians diet, since they can't get these nutrients because they don't eat meat. For a great tasting meal you will really enjoy this recipe, the chickpea inside it really makes it tasty.

Follow the easy steps below to have yourself a quick dip for an appetizer. It's a very good recipe and your whole family will be thanking you! You will probably need a blender to make it easier on you. At least you don't have to worry about expensive food processors with this recipe.

1 may associated with Girl Peas(Garbanzos -- the Spanish language) sixteen ounce.

Next, you will need about 1/2 of an onion.

Additionally, you will need a clove of garlic - minted or crushed

3 tablespoons associated with essential olive oil

And then salt and pepper to taste!

Deplete fluid through may associated with girl peas, put peas inside your blender. Mash the actual garlic clove as well as place within blender, the actual essential olive oil as well as sodium as well as spice up. For those who have the minute mix switch make use of which as well as mix the actual elements to some blend consistency, include the actual diced red onion as well as perform a fast mix. I favor the actual red onion kind of big. You need to place in the Tupperware kind meal, include as well as allow elements meld collectively obtaining chilly. This enables the actual hummus to become much tastier.

Traditional hummus is excellent alone, however for range there are various

I like to add some red peppers some times along with sun dried tomatoes and even olives occasionally. If you really want to add in an extra kick throw in some cilantro, yum! If you like your dip spicy you may want to consider tossing in some Cheyenne pepper and paprika.

Serve your hummus dip with some cracker or bread and top it off with parmesan cheese. You can throw in some bread crumbs or even veggies and have some great finger food. The nice thing about this recipe is its something everyone in your family will love. You get great flavor and that's what makes this the best hummus recipe!

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