The Ultimate Kenwood Chef Food Mixing Range.

by Joe Davies

Here's how to speed up your cooking or cooking preparation time. Buy a food mixer. Food mixers are specifically designed to ensure day to day cooking and mixing tasks are completed as quick as possible with as minimal amount of effort required. They have taken over the manual beating of eggs, mixing and churning of dough which we know are not only time consuming to do manually bit very messy and difficult. Most of the food mixers and processors today are manufactured to be portable and easy to store away out of sight.

These electric gadgets which have taken on the roles of mixing, beating and whisking our ingredients are generally known as food mixers or processors. What people dont realise is that there are many types of food mixing appliances. The most common today are the stand mixers which are basically electric motors that free stand with a bowl and a whisk. Some others types of food processors are the food chopper which aid simple ingredient chopping requirements and the hand blender which are just smaller versions of the stand mixing but with a lot more flexibility and control.

If you are looking for the most amazing food processing machine then by far the most popular at the moment is the Kenwood Chef Titanium KM010. This machine has some serious power and makes if the most difficult of mixing tasks easy. This food mixer has received 5 star reviews from all over the world.

The Kenwood Chef food processor range was developed and manufactured in the UK and is still the biggest selling food mixing range in Britain. It was an instant success and was based on a very early food mixing applianced designed in the 1950s. The man behind the real success of the Kenwood Chef range was Ken Wood who was the designer and developer of this range.

Here's some history for you. Did you know the electric food mixer was designed and first introduce in 1908 by a guy called Herbert Johnston. Even earlier than that the first egg beater was designed in 1870 by Turner Williams. This form of electric cooking appliance has been round for over 100 years and still forms a part of every day cooking requirements.

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