Tips In Cleaning A Crystal Wine Decanter

by Flora Vinson

To clean a crystal wine decanter, the person should protect the item by laying it down on a towel. However, he should use a rubber mat if such an item exists in one's household. The sink should be the best place to clean the item so lay it down at the bottom.

When cleaning, the person should wash the exterior using warm water and a dish detergent. Use a soft sponge if the decanters have etchings. This will be very helpful in reaching out the crevices on the ornate or the decorative surfaces.

The inside can be cleaned with similar solution to the one being used on the outside as well. He can make use of the solution made up of warm water and detergent. While inside, swish it around for a better clean. Rinse it with a clean, warm water.

If there are still stubborn stains remaining, pour a few tablespoons of rock salt into the item. He should then add half a cup of vinegar. Shake it. With the help of the rock salt, the stains will be dislodged while the deposits will be dissolved by the vinegar. Let the mixture soak. Rinse well.

If there are remaining stains on the item, he should make a mixture of warm water, rock salt, and baking soda. The mixture should be swished around. This will eventually eliminate the stains remaining on the item. Rinse it after.

When stains still remain after adding the baking soda to the normal cleaning solution, it might be best to make use of the solution of warm water and a drop of denture-cleaning tablet. Allow this to effervesce and stand for the whole night. Rinse the item the next day.

Drying it up is common sense too. Roll the paper towel around the handle of a long wooden spoon. He must insert this into the crystal wine decanter. This will be absorbing the moisture inside so leave it to sit overnight.

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