Vegetarian Chocolates and Vegetarian Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Miranda Kaye

One real thing is, chocolate bars originated in a crop, specially through the pod of cocoa tree. Their own plant origin means they can be eaten by vegans initially.

However, the types you can come across on food markets already have passed various food refinement. They have been added with chemicals such as sweets, milk or milkfat, lethicin and in some cases vanilla. Cheap caliber chocolates contain a lengthier listing of ingredients that contain inexpensive food colourings and fake flavorings, which makes them in no way vegan whatsoever.

High quality chocolates, on the contrary, contain increased chocolate content, natural ingredients and made with minimal chemicals. Although the majority of chocolates are certainly not vegan because of their chemicals, the great thing is there are several vegan chocolate available choices already in the market. Indeed, there are chocolates created for vegetarians! These chocolates are organically grown, dairy-free, casein-free and whey-free!

I gamble you're bouncing for happiness at the thought of staying vegan as well as enjoying chocolates all at once. In truth, it is possible to select from a wide variety of brand names that offer vegetarian chocolates, and you can use them for making everybody's favourite chocolate chip cookies!

Later, you can learn how to make vegetarian cookies using this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe.

These are some chocolates that are made with basically no milk, casein and whey:

Choc love Dark Chocolate and Orange Peel, Trader Joe's brand chocolate chips, Newman's Own Chocolate Bars: Sweet Dark Espresso and Sweet Dark Orange, regular and organic, Ritter Sport - Chocolate Mint (the light blue ones) and Marzipan (the red one), Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate - Dark Chocolate, Organic Equal Exchange Chocolate All flavors except for milk chocolate, Fanny May's Dark 70% chocolate bars

Vegetarian Chocolate Manufacturers, Organic chocolates specially created for Vegans, and so are called "Vegan":

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate, Sunspire and Tropical Source (chocolate chips and chocolate bars), Whole Foods Brand Chocolate Chips, Whole Foods Brand Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Dagoba, Plamil Organic Vegan Chocolate, Terra Nostra Rice Milk Vegan Choco Bars, Sjaaks, Bug Bites

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