What Is It About Rotisserie?

by Nora Seabolt

There are many ways to cook food. A few people boil, few fry and a few grill their food. Of course, there are plenty of other cooking methods such as steaming, braising and poaching. However, roasting continues to be one of the most popular. Maybe because of its simplicity of being put on a stick to slowly roast over a fire. The early man would have found this form very effective of putting the meat he just killed on a stick and over a fire.

This scene reminds us mostly of camping nights, where campers roast food over fire, as it is the easiest thing to do. Well, roasting has evolved over time, and many variants of roasting now exist. One of the most loved is rotisserie.

It is the process of putting meat on a stick and heating over a fire. The rod that holds the food is called a spit, and is made of metal. The rotating process in rotisserie allows the meat to be evenly cooked all over. This is a very slow way to cook food, but the result is worth the time. The end result is a juicy and succulent piece of meat. The cooking method in itself is called rotisserie, but the whole kit including spit and dripping pan, has also been called rotisserie. So, the word rotisserie can refer to both the roasting style and the equipment that is used.

They are made by many companies, making the list quite large. One of the oldest companies is cyprus grill. They make some of the best rotisserie grills out there. There grills come as both horizontal and vertical. The horizontal grill is most popular and is used in camping and backyard grilling. The important thing in horizontal grills is the balance of meat load. This even balance of meat allows the spit to rotate properly, providing the great flavor the Cyprus Grill is known for. The vertical grill is not as popular because it requires heat from the side. This can be difficult to do.

Most grills are user friendly, with simple assembly and easy to move. Cyprus Grills in general offer multiple skewers to cook many meats at once and are designed for easy lifting and moving. The heating source for most outdoor cooking is charcoal and the fat is also released into a drip pan while roasting. The meat is also healthier with the natural release of the fat. If you're looking to try some of the best meat ever cooked, you will find it in this slow cooking process. If you are looking to grill soon, the Cyprus Grill is a great option.

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