Why Thai Cuisine Is Celebrated Across The World

by Ployta Wong

This feature is all about the foods and people of Thailand. Thai food has risen in prominence in recent times, becoming a regular on the menus at pubs and various restaurants, not just in the UK but across the western world. The nation, based in the south east of Asia has quickly become 1 of the UK's most in demand cuisines. Let us take a few moments to look at this more closely.

Thailand is based beside its neighbors Vietnam and Cambodia. However, unlike these 2 countries Thai food and its people have long been a secret to western countries. Why is this? Thailand is actually the only country in that region, never taken over by European colonial powers. It is perhaps this fact alone behind Thai's fierce pride, often regarding themselves as 'The land of the free'.

Over the past few years of course, Thailand has become a favourite among many tourists. Some of this interest has related to beach parties an behaviour bordering on legality, those who do respect Thailand's tradition quickly fall in love with the grace of its people and stunning scenery. In 2007 Thailand was marked as the 14th most popular nation by World Tourism Rankings. Up to 15 million people visited and brought in 11 billion Euros.

What of the cuisine Thailand's famous for then? Thailand's cuisine is famous for the unique, rich, fresh spices. The constituent ingredients that exemplify Thai food are chili's garlic and a variety fish. These are often supplemented with Thai basil and mint, and notably Jasmine Rice. Seafood and Panang Curries alongside Roast Duck are popular on Thai menus.

As you would expect, there is much to learn about the food of Thailand and this article is but a brief foray of what our culture has. We do hope you've found this information valuable. This is one of a series of features to celebrate Thai foods and we'd encourage you to look for more articles in future.

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