Wine Decanters Add To Your Wine Drinking Experience

by Shari Swanson

Decanting a wine is simply pouring it from the wine bottle into another container before serving. There are reasons why wine lovers are convinced that it is necessary to use wine decanters. Detractors regard using one as pretentious nonsense, saying that it actually makes no difference to the taste.

The fact is that young red wines definitely benefit from being decanted. Exposure to the oxygen in the atmosphere has been proved to help develop their flavor. When you pour directly from a bottle into a glass, this does not give it enough exposure. Pouring it into a decanter and allowing it to stand for some time, allows it to go through the process needed to bring out the the most subtle flavors.

There are those who feel that decanting does not make a difference. However, those who have experimented with this know that this is not true. Time in the decanter causes the taste to change, becoming more subtle and complex as it develops. If you have trouble believing this, why not experiment yourself.

It is unpleasant to find bits of sediment in your wine. Sediment can be really bitter, spoiling the taste. If you decant slowly and carefully the sediment stays behind in the bottle and you will be spared finding it in your wine.

The most functional decanter would be one which has a large surface area, allowing the most mixing of wine and oxygen to take place. Many people do not just want functionality but are also looking for something beautiful. There are so many stunning decanters available. Crystal ones are favored by those who enjoy seeing their wine clearly.

Presenting wine in stunning wine decanters can be a real treat for the eyes. With the wide variety available, you can choose one which is not only functional but makes a statement. This can also be a special gift for a wine lover.

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