Your Spit Roaster Offers a New World of Cooking

by Nora Seabolt

If you have been ignoring the spit roaster on your barbecue, this is a good time to find out how convenient it is to cook that big prime rib roast in the freezer. Instead of thinking about steaks on the grill, think about a tasty hen turkey on the rotisserie. It is designed to return a maximum amount of juices back to the meat while it turns. The easy to cut tender slices of meat are very tasty.

There is really no need to add seasoning before you place the meat on the spit roaster. Of course, there is always the option of soaking the meat in a marinade prior to putting it on the bbq spit. Still others have discovered how much faster and easier it is to let the drip pan do the work of marinating. Any liquid you put into the pan will steam into the meat, adding flavor and moisture. Apple juice, your favorite marinade, and water are some of the more common items. Rub with fresh rosemary or thyme for flavor. Create a blend of onion salt, white pepper and garlic powder for guests to use for flavoring.

In order to do its job, the drip pan must be larger than what you are cooking. A selection of disposable aluminum pans lets you choose one that fits. One feature of the drip pan is to protect the grill from becoming encrusted with drips that burn on the surface. You can make a delicious sauce from the juices that drip from the meat. Keep water in the pan to avoid drying out the drips and to steam the flavor back towards the meat.

You are dealing with an awkward piece of meat that needs placed on the spit. It is important to analyze how to balance the weight and size before attempting to place the meat on the spit. Take a clean stainless steel skewer and push it lengthwise through the center of the meat. If the meat seems balanced after lifting and turning, move to the next step. Remove the skewer and use a filet knife to make a hole at the exit and entry points for the spit.

It is important to center the meat on the rod, so slide the spit fork towards the handle and fasten it at the desired place. It is easier to fasten thumbscrews with pliers instead of fingers. That will keep them from loosening while the rotisserie is turning. Keep the spit rod as close to the center of the meat to be cooked as possible. Move the other fork up and in until it is secure. The last thing you want is the meat slipping and sliding, so tighten the thumbscrews. After putting the spit rod on the barbecue, turn on the motor and watch to be sure the meat has a clear path and is evenly balanced. If the meat is unbalanced, reposition it.

Cook a delicious roast for family and friends rather than purchasing spits for sale at your local supermarket. Move the lava rock away from possible drips and set up the drip pan after taking off the cooking grills. Carefully rearrange the coals once the meat has seared over the piled stack of charcoal. For best results, cook with a low heat and keep the cover closed. Follow the directions in your barbecue cookbook about using a meat thermometer.

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